fot. Olga Urbanek


1. Why Iceland? Your first memory related to Iceland.

Just my first acceptance of a safe state, I felt like walking on Mars. Looked like nothing I've seen before.

2. What are you doing here?

Ah difficult to answer... I work as a receptionist and I work as an Interpreter with UTL, I also study Social Science and work with Feminist communities, and I do immigrant exhibition co-operations if needed, social work research of Middle East and so on...

3. What is the best experience that Iceland has given you?

To be able to live...

4. What do you like the most about Iceland?

The weather... ?! 

5. What are the disadvantages of Iceland?

Limited social interactions somehow... And... The weather forecasting ?!

6. Is Iceland a good country to stay in for a long time?

This beautiful question is definitely depending a hundred percent on the individual, I would say if you get along with the society and the weather, then why not...

7.  What is your favourite Icelandic word?

Takk ''kærlega'' fyrir.