fot. Olga Urbanek


1. Why Iceland? Your first memory related to Iceland.

This country was appearing in my life from time to time, I always wanted to come here. Last summer I was on Sigur Rós concert, tripping with my friends, I can say it was kind of a mystical experience. And after this, one of my friends said 'Now I know what to do. I'm going to Iceland'. So I just came here after her, but by myself.

2. What are you doing here?

I am an illustrator, but, what I really want is to be a tattoo artist, so I came here to work hard, earn some money for living, and then spend some time learning. I was a bit lost for a while before I came here, so now I am looking for inspiration and kind of isolating myself from myself. I'm searching for trolls and magical creatures, found some great people instead. I found out that a lot of art lives in the streets on Reykjavik, so I want to make a mural or even a few. We will see!

3. What is the best experience that Iceland has given you?  

I had a dream to reach the place, that doesn't remind me of anything, and if it does - it could be only other planet. If only you just go outside the city you can find places where the reality is collapsing. I met two amazing girls lately and they have told me, that it's so good in here because you have a lot of space. The sky seems to be bigger than anywhere else, there are not too many people, so you just have a lot of space for your thoughts. I can say that this is an experience, probably life changing. It's much easier to solve problems and make difficult decisions.

4. What do you like the most about Iceland? 

A lot of stuff, but what I like the most is that the society in here isn't so consumptive. They just know how to recycle things, when they don't need something anymore, they are just giving it away, instead of throwing it away. There are not many clothing shops, they just don't have too much stuff! Another thing is, that this is a place where people are underneath the nature, not the opposite, not like in Poland, where politicians are cutting off trees like they belong to them. In Iceland people are listening to the nature, living close to her, not destroying it. This whole island feels so innocent.

5. What are the disadvantages of Iceland?

The weather, mostly. I have a theory that this weather is easy to carry only for mentally stable people. Another thing is that most of the time it's ok to me that there is such a small number of people on the streets, but sometimes it makes me feel uncomfortable (but only in the city).

6. Is Iceland a good place to stay in for a long time?

I don't know it yet, I'm here only for two months, but I guess it is. A little dose of 'slow life' is good for everyone to try.

7.  What is your favourite Icelandic word?

þig which means 'you', and even if I know that the 'þ' is a 'th' sound in Icelandic, it looks like a 'pig' to me. So when I'm on the bus stop and I can see the word 'þig' on the posters I think it's kind of funny, because I feel like they are all about the pigs. Or sometimes I feel like a Manson's family victim with the þig word written on the wall beneath my back.