fot. Bart Urbanski 


1. Why Iceland? Your first memory related to Iceland.
A Soley Concert in Freiburg, but honestly I didn't think too much about Iceland before my studies brought me there. It was basically a strong intuition.

2. What are you doing here?
Studying, working, traveling, doing art and an internship during winter.

3. What is the best experience that Iceland has given to you?
The Flow.

4.What do you like the most in Iceland?
The power and impact of the nature and the emotional landscapes.

5.What are the disadvantages of Iceland?
The closed Icelandic community - it teaches you patience though, which again is an advantage

6. Is Iceland a good country to stay for a long time?
Sure thing.

7.Whta is your favourite Icelandic word?
Orka (Energy).