fot. Bart Urbanski


1. Why Iceland? Your first memory related to Iceland.

Anna: Because of its nature, because it seemed to me like a place in the end of the world where sun never sets...

Grzegorz: Because work is of a big value here. My first filling was GMC on gigantic wheels in Kopavogur.

2. What are you doing here?

Anna: I work in a cafe, which pays the rent, but I also spend some time on my art and socialising.

Grzegorz: I am an economic emigrant and boyfriend of Ania.

3. What is the best experience that Iceland has given you?

Anna: Gluggavedur - never trust the blue sky!

Grzegorz: Free basement for making art in my building.

4. What do you like the most about Iceland?

Anna: Art, music, Icelandic design, Icelandic fashion, hot tubs, hot springs, clean water, etc.

Grzegorz: Swimming pools and my progress in diving.

5. What are the disadvantages of Iceland?

Anna: Lack of trees and an expensive beer.

Grzegorz: Long way to find an apartment.

6. Is Iceland a good country to stay in for a long time?

Anna: I'd say 'yes'. Icelanders are good people in general - honest, polite and open minded, cultural life offers various events every week and I've discovered many inspiring artists (such as Gabriela Fridriksdottir, Sigga Bjorg Sigurdardottir, Kristinn Mar Palmason, Kristin Sigthridur Gardarsdottir from Subba, Kogga Ceramics and many, many more). Communication with politics seems less frustrating, less aggressive. Coffee is good, plus people in the streets of Reykjavik are so fashionable and good looking!

Grzegorz: From economic, health and geopolitical point of view it is a perfect place to live in for a long time.

7.  What is your favourite Icelandic word?

Anna: Gluggavedur. Takk fyrir.

Grzegorz: Ekkert vandamál Jón Páll (I hope I’ve spelt it correctly).