Huldufólk ("the hidden people" from huldu - "pertaining to secrecy" and fólk - "people") are elves in Icelandic and Faroese folklore. Their lives exist in parallel to the lives of Icelandic society. They can most often be spotted between lava rocks. It's not uncommon for construction sites to be moved, so as not to disturb them. According to Icelandic folk beliefs, one should never throw stones because of the possibility of hitting the huldufólk.

Hidden People project draws on the parallel world metaphor to explore the topic of migration and the wide spectrum of this phenomenon in Iceland.

It introduces individual stories of those, who traveled near and far, and chose to make Iceland their new home. It explores their motivations, their impressions and perhaps everyday struggles. They might often not speak the language yet or have a right to vote, but their presence makes this volcanic land of black sand and ice even more special.